Far Corners provides aid to Andhra Pradesh on the Southeast Coastal Plain of India with the majority of our work centered in and around Chilakaluripet. From here Far Corners provides assistance through mobile medical clinics‚ natural disaster relief‚ leprosy hospitals and food provision to name a few.

Rajahmundry serves as our launching point for church planting and outreach initiatives as well as the future Far Corners India Orphanage that will provide for the needs of over 200 homeless children.



The Far Corners head office in Merida‚Yucatan Peninsula‚ is training pastors at the Merida Bible School whose mission is to spread the Good News and plant churches throughout the region. Merida is the 4th largest city in Mexico and although God is not a stranger there due to Roman Catholic being established as the church of Mexico in the early 1800s‚ the Mayan religion still has a great influence on how many people worship.

Join us in supporting the pastor training in Merida‚ so that they May impact the people of this region with the life‚ light and hope of Jesus Christ.

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Nepal is 56‚827 square miles and home to 27 million people. Bordering China and India‚ most people think of Nepal as a lush vacationing spot for outdoorsman.

However‚ Far Corners sees it as a nation that is hurting deep within. With only 1% of the population being Christian‚ they are in desperate need.

Kiran Kumar‚ one of our Missionaries in India regularly journeys into Nepal for evangelism and church planting‚ hoping to spread the Good News of the Gospel to the people there.