Touched by Jesus’ Love – A Christmas Story

What is your favorite Christmas memory?  Think hard………there it comes…..maybe even now you can feel the joy that the event or gift brought to you!   The 39 children living in the Sydney’s home in Gannavaram‚ India‚ had a memorable Christmas celebration last month.  Many of the children had never received a Christmas gift‚ but this Christmas‚thanks to a group of FCM donors who wanted to make sure the children were not forgotten‚ every child was given a gift.

It started when an FCM child sponsorship donor wanting to show the love of Jesus to these children sent a check designating that it be used to buy Christmas gifts.  Other child sponsorship donors were prompted to do the same.   The total of their gifts was more than enough to buy something for every one of the 39 children!  These funds were sent to Aseesh Sydney‚ Far Corners India Director‚ and he and his family went shopping on the donors’ behalf.  Wouldn’t you have loved to go on that shopping trip with them?

In Aseesh Sydney’s own words:   “I cannot explain the joy the children experienced when they received the gifts.  It was very surprising for them and did not tell them till the last minute. Divya‚ Anand‚ Arun and Shanthi (the children whose sponsors sent the money for the Christmas gifts) gave away the presents to the other children. It is the first time I am giving gifts for the children at Christmas‚ I and Shanthi (Aseesh’s wife is also named Shanthi) really felt very happy and praised God for all the families who shared their money. The children all got toys‚ a rug‚ some sport items‚ wrist watches and lunch box sets for all the elementary school children. We have nicely packed these items in the shoe boxes and presented them. On that day I have also presented them with new clothes for the Christmas.………..we would like to say that we are truly grateful for every thing you have done for us. We pray God to continue to support you every day so that your efforts will find fulfillment. Please convey our grateful thanks to all the families who shared their valuable money to make these unprivileged children happy at this auspicious time. We pray for God’s richest blessings for them.  Thanking you‚  Aseesh”

Andy White