Love in Any Language

Did anyone forget  Valentine’s Day?  It would have been hard to do with all of the reminders on TV‚ radio‚ social media‚ etc. etc. etc.  As a ministry leader in a missions organization my thoughts turned toward  effectively communicating God’s love to people in the countries we serve.  That brought up a very real challenge…….communicating when there is a language barrier.  I don’t speak Telegu or Thai or Mandarin or any other language except English.

Remember the old Sandi Patti song entitled “Love in Any Language”?  There is a way  to communicate God’s love that does not require verbal communication or cross-cultural experience…….it is love in action.

Christ’s love is shown when a village pastor in India or Thailand preaches the Gospel in his village  and people come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and begin to walk with Him̵’;-that the best love gift ever!

Love is shown when a person trapped in human trafficking is rescued‚ given medical‚emotional and spiritual care and trained in a new trade making them able to support themselves without returning to the brothel.  The witness of their changed lives shines brightly in a dark world.

Love is shown when desperately poor young children and elderly persons are fed daily meals when they would not otherwise have enough food to eat.

Love is shown when a person blinded by cataracts is given the gift of sight through cataract surgery in one of the Far Corners hospitals.  Many of the cataract patients also come to know Christ in their interactions with God’s people who minister to them in their recovery.

Love is shown to those who are lost and enslaved to idol worship when a village pastor who has had the gift of  two years of training in Word of Life seminary comes to live among them.  He brings with him the Good News of the Gospel.  He speaks it from his pulpit and lives it out in his relationships as a light  in a dark village.

Love is shown when an orphaned or abandoned child is sponsored and their needs are provided for in the safe and nurturing atmosphere of a FCM children’s home or Peace Home.

These FCM ministries are made possible when people like you and like me share our resources to fund love in action.  FCM staff  serve up big portions of God’s love to those around them who are lost and trapped in spiritual darkness as well as profound physical suffering.  That’s love in any language “fluently spoken” as the song says.

Thank you for your partnership with us in communicating God’s love to others in the far corners of the world!

Andy White