A Baby On the Way

Buckingham Palace has announced that Willam and Cate‚ the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby who will be  a royal heir  third in line to the throne of England.  .  What everyone has been waiting to hear has been confirmed.  And until this baby’s birth every detail of Cate’s pregnancy will be of interest to the English people and the waiting world.  No detail is too small to be reported.  This will be a long‚  well-documented few months.

The birth of the heir to the throne of heaven was foretold in ancient Eden by God the Father.  Following the fall of man God promised that Eve’s offspring would crush Satan’s head even though Satan would strike his heel.  In the genesis of the ongoing drama of the battle between good and evil‚  this heir was declared the winner who would deliver God’s people from death.  Later the prophets gave more details about the coming of the Savior.  All who knew God’s Word of promise eagerly awaited the time of His coming.  Their wait would be considerably longer than a few months.

Quietly‚ at just the right time in God’s timetable‚  the birth of the baby King in Bethlehem of Judea occurred  without much fanfare………only Mary and Joseph and a few stall animals were there to greet the baby Christ child in that small cave stable.  It was the most astounding of all births‚ the Son of God‚ the heir of heaven was born to a virgin Jewish teenager.  The promises of Scripture‚ the words of the prophets were fulfilled  that night.  Salvation had come to earth‚ Emmanuel‚ God with us.

The month of December provides a great time to reread the story of Christ’s birth in Matthew 1 and Luke  1 and 2.  As an eyewitness to Christ’s life‚ the apostle John wrote concerning the  the importance of this birth‚ “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us‚ and we beheld His glory‚ the glory a of the only begotten of the Father‚ full of grace and truth.”  Ponder the story of His birth‚ ponder what this birth and His death and resurrection have purchased for you. Ponder His return.  Worship Him with a heart filled with gratitude and an eye to the future when He returns‚ just as it is written.  As a missionary in the place you live share with someone else the real meaning of Christmas!

Andy White